Friday, February 19, 2010


I have a class at school called 3-D Design and our most recent project was an item made from recycled materials. Well after much brainstorming all I could come up with was this lamp idea. I saw one at Anthropologie that gave me inspiration for this one and I've had this old lamp for a long time now. As seen in the picture below the hot pink would shine through when the light was on and show the cute paisley pattern.

So I tried covering it up by painting the inside white as seen below, it didn't work that well but when the light is off you don't see it inside. The base was originally white and I wanted to change that also. (If you look closely you can see the amazing painting my mother did for me a little while ago, it's of me and my bouquet on my wedding day)

And now the final product! I sewed little flowers about halfway around and stuffed each one with cotton. I painted the base green then went over it with a copper color paint I have to make it look a little antiqued.

A closer look...

A much closer look!