Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Pleated Purse

I have been in need of a new purse for quite some time now but I haven't felt like spending a ton on a new one. I stumbled upon this tutorial quite awhile ago and have no idea where I found it but I remembered I had it the other day so I thought I'd give it a try. I found this fun summer fabric and got started. Who knows if I'll really use it, I've never been a big orange fan, but I might bust it out every now and then. I started it yesterday morning and was taking my time because I wanted it to turn out nice, plus the tutorial took a few times to read. I got off work early yesterday and was so excited that I had to finish it! It was easier than I thought and I think it turned out quite nicely. I think it will be a "good memory" purse...two days ago I interviewed for a new job/internship at the same place my husband works but in a different department. Well yesterday I got the email...I got the job!!! I am so excited, I'll be doing graphic design work for Silhouette America, I'm excited to be getting this experience. So I hope this purse will remind me of the day I got my first job doing what I am actually going to school for :)


yo-yo flowers for a little embellishment