Monday, August 2, 2010

ok ok I'll do a little update!

So I've been working on a lot of little things here and there but finally got 2 things totally finished. As most of you know, I work at Silhouette America doing some design work and absolutely love it! Well my brother Ryan's birthday was last week so I thought I'd make him a shirt since we have heat transfer in almost every color and can cut it out with the Silhouette (the most amazing machine ever!!). Sorry the picture isn't very good, I forgot to take one before I sent it to Ryan so all I could get was a cell phone shot (thanks for taking it Ryan ;)). The gray is smooth transfer and the black is a flocked/fuzzy heat transfer, which I love!

I started this messenger bag a couple weeks ago, though Logan has been bugging me for months to make him a new temple/lap top bag. Well I finished it about a week and a half ago but the strap was just too wide and the flap didn't sit quite right. So I took it apart this weekend and made some adjustments. I am quite proud of myself may I say because it turned out very nice. The pictures aren't the greatest shots but I thought Logan did a nice job modeling it! It's made of gray corduroy, red cotton and some pretty stiff (could have been stiffer) interfacing. I used this tutorial but basically had to make it up myself cause this one was pretty pathetic!
I even added a little accent by turning a piece of corduroy perpendicular so it has some character, and so Logan would think it was cool!

I'm currently working on a new laptop case for me and a baby crib blanket (don't get any ideas!). I found a super cute blanket I wanted to make and decided since it has hearts on it and hearts happen to be one of my favorite things that I'd make it a little smaller to fit a little girls crib, someday :). I found a laptop case on Etsy that I loved and it was only $20 so I thought hey maybe Logan would get it for me for my birthday (Aug 24th) but then I remembered I had a bunch of coupons for Joanns (which come monthly now to my mailbox, bad idea) so I bought everything I need for it and it only ended up being $6! Quite a deal.
Happy sewing :)

Oh and my site should be up this week!! Look for a new post about that, I'm soooooooo excited!