Friday, August 20, 2010

Some new projects

So about two weeks ago I came across some crocheted bow to clip in your hair and totally fell in love with them! Well since I'm not talented at all with crocheting I asked my cousin Jackie if should could make them. She's made me a few hair accessories in the past and she was all for trying out the new idea I had. So I asked how I could pay her for them and she said "why don't you make me a shirt with your silhouette?" So here's the totally cute shirt I made, I almost kept it for myself! I guess I'll just have to make another one. I used the Silhouette to cut out the shapes from heat transfer material and ironed them on. Simple!

And after making my laptop case (which ended up being too small) I got a few requests for some cases. The first one was for a girl I work with at In N Out and the other was for my cousin Clarice. They turned out pretty cute, I mostly just like the inside because it is so soft!

I'm really loving ruffles right now!

My cousin Jackie and I are getting ready for 2 boutiques this fall. So basically my sewing machine needs to be going all day everyday to be ready! I'll be posting pictures of what we make for the boutique and get you all information as to where they are. Oh and if you want a laptop case you can still get one, just email me at