Thursday, November 11, 2010

Gold Canyon-great Christmas gifts!

Last night I had a Gold Canyon candle party at my house...I forgot how much I LOVE these candles! I grew up with them in my mom's home and will most likely never buy another brand of candles again (sorry all you Scentsy lovers!). Their candles burn so clean and evenly you don't lose a single drop of wax while burning. Anyway here are a few things I loved from them. If you're in the Utah area and want to order anything shoot me an email, you will love them!

First up the scent pods! I currently have a Scentsy warmer but have decided to switch to this brand for a few reasons. First off the Gold Canyon pods have a timer on their cord so they will automatically switch off after a certain amount of hours, great for the times you forget they are on! Also the pods are designed to put straight on the warmer in their packaging, thus if you want to change the scent you don't have to dig out any extra wax from a previous scent. Simply take it off and put a new one on. Seriously, so convenient!

I ordered a linen spray last night for our sheets and absolutely love the scent. It smells so clean and refreshing. Plus it has a hint of lavender, delicious!

One of the scent pods, I love how stylish this is. It could go in any home and used year round.

Lastly, my favorite candle in the world! Christmas Presence is the scent. My mom had this at Christmas time every year growing up and it is divine!

I didn't picture this product but they have home cleaning products that are completely green! Isn't that great? Perfect for cleaning your home with small children around.

Feel free to email me or check out their website
and call me with your order!
Happy Holidays :)