Friday, November 12, 2010

things I'm loving right now

Christmas has really been on my mind today and I am trying to figure out what I'm gonna make everyone. Here are a few things I found just today. I'll be sharing plenty more Christmas gift ideas over the next two months til Christmas. If you end up making any of these please share with me! I love seeing other peoples crafts. And if I actually make these things, like I have planned, I'll share with you as well.

Look at this gorgeous tree skirt! I am in complete awe over this!

Wanna know how to make it? Here's the site:

Because of this tutorial I found what I want for Christmas! I've been ecstatic about it all morning, I am so excited!! Wanna see what it is? Go here:

Gorgeous wreath right? Oh my!! What a great way to get rid of scraps of fabric too. It's really easy check out the tutorial here:

I know quite a few of you are good at crocheting, me-no way! So here is a cute way to store your crochet hooks. Check out the tutorial here, you have to click on the PDF for a full version of the instructions:

If you ever want anything I show you but can't make it feel free to email me for a quote.
Happy Holidays!