Sunday, December 5, 2010

Christmas Wreath plus new products in my shop

I have been wanting a wreath for quite some time now but never felt like spending $20 or more on a cute wreath. When I saw this one on Our Best Bites I had to have it! So I went to Joann's and bought the stuff I needed, since I already had the fabric this wreath cost me about $6 to make, much more affordable!

With a 40% off coupon my wreath hanger was only $1.25

I love the little red berries with the flowers, I'm tempted to keep it up year round ;)

This picture is a little dark but shows a little more detail

Well I added a few more things to my shop today, cute flower purses! Great gifts for any girl. I'm giving one away on my friends blog, Simply Handmade By Paige, better hurry over the giveaway ends in a couple days. Check out my other items in my Etsy shop here.

Gray with white

Blue with small black flowers

My favorite-white with a bright pink flower


  1. That wreath is so awesome!! I heard you guys want to do a cousins get together...I'm game! We could do it at my house even though I'm the furthest away from you guys. I would go wherever but I think it sounds great. Grandma would be so proud of us to have a xmas party! email or call me and let me know! (your mom has my phone #)

  2. I LOVE this wreath!!! Thank you so much for the giveaway too!