Saturday, January 22, 2011

Craft Night=Success!

Wednesday was a ton of fun! A bunch of us girls got together to make a little craft, spend time together and eat some yummy food! I saw this tutorial on Tatertots & Jello a week or two ago and couldn't wait to make it so here are a few pictures from the evening.
Kara had to leave early, but she's coming over soon to finish her craft so:

enter picture of Kara and me here :)

Me and my friend Lindsey, have you seen her amazing photography? Check it out here or click on the icon to the right of this to see her amazing work!

Lani :) isn't she so sweet? Yes.

Natalie and Julie-they look related and so do their hearts

Aimee and Christiana

My finished product, it was so fun cause everyones turned out so different and cute.
Can't wait for the next craft night!

Oh and don't forget...I am in the Crafting with the Stars competition and have started working on the first round! It's gonna be so cute!! The first round of voting starts on Monday...I'll keep you updated!

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