Friday, February 11, 2011

LOVE pillow tutorial

I have been wanting to make this pillow for awhile, ever since I saw this one, but it took til today to get around to it. My husband has been busy all evening doing homework so I figured this was the best time to make a pillow to match our bedding.
I also had the chance to finally use the Fabric Interfacing my company came out with to use with the Silhouette. It's SO much fun! I have so many ideas rolling around in my head to make with the new've got to try it if you have a Silhouette.

First iron the interfacing to the back of your fabric, remove the paper backing and put the piece on your cutting mat.

Here are the letters after I cut them out, I love how crisp the edges turn out. Not to mention how super duper fast it is to cut them out compared to cutting them out by hand. This can easily be done by hand too, just print out your letters, trace them on or pin on and cut out.

The Silhouette doesn't cut burlap so I cut a piece of burlap large enough for each letter. If your pillow is going to be used a lot (like on your couch or around kids) I probably wouldn't recommend burlap, it frays very easily.

Iron on each letter to the burlap, the interfacing has a double sided adhesive which makes it very easy to get your pieces in the right place.

Trim around the edges, but not too close, yet.
Cut your backing fabric to the size you want and pin each letter in place.

I sewed around both sides of the burlap and also through the middle of the letters.

This is what your piece should look like once they are all sewn on

I chose to use an envelope closure for my pillow, cut 2 pieces of fabric. The height should be the same as the front piece, and the width is about 1/2 the width plus 4". My front piece was 17" x 17" so my 2 pieces are 17" x 12". Iron along the long edge and sew down.

Place first piece right side down with finished seam toward the middle.

Lay the second piece face down with finished seam toward the middle.

Pin in place and sew around all four edges. Turn right side out and put pillow form in.
And you're done!

I love the coordinating back piece!

Just in time for Valentine's Day...though it'll be left out year round :)

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