Tuesday, March 15, 2011

blog header design

Want a new header for your blog? 
I would be more than happy to design you a header to build up my of all... it's FREE! I will only have time to do a few so be sure to leave a comment to get in line. I will take the first 5 comments and design a customer header just for you! I can do pretty much anything you want so the sky is the limit. These are just 2 I did recently, obviously they are pretty much the exact same design. I wanted them to match since one is my personal blog and one is my family blog. Let me know if you want one, I can make it look however you want!

Leave a comment below and leave your 
email address so I can contact you.


  1. My sister Zoe would LOVE one!! She has been wanting a new one! You can email her at... :)

  2. hi! i would love one too!

  3. Dres!
    Oh my gosh I would love this for my personal blog. :)

  4. I want one! I love your blog header!

  5. Me me me!!!!! oh I'm number five!

  6. Sure! That would be super-fab!


  7. oh, bad bad bad...i am number 7. pfft...
    i just saw your blog and wondered very much about your name, is it really "dresden"? or is this a kind of nickname? i ask it because i live in that city, in dresden, in germany.
    congratulations to your great page!

  8. this is crazy, i do live here for all my live but i do not now anyone with the name of our city! wonderful name! and so historical. our city is situated at one of the bigger european rivers, the elbe. the center opens very nicely to its banks. would you like some links so can check out what your family is named after?

  9. ah, too late, I would have loved to win a header for my blog: How much would you charge to do one? I found you through the Silhouette website, love your blog!