Thursday, March 10, 2011


Have you heard about the Our Best Bites launch event? My best friend & cousin Clarice and I both entered to win tickets and with all the luck in the world...Clarice won!! Each person who wins gets to bring a friend and Clarice chose me :) We are so excited to go tomorrow. We get to meet the brains behind all the recipes and get our cookbooks signed. 
I know kinda silly right? But none the less I'm very excited to get it signed!
Not only do I get to go to the event, I get to spend about 24 hours with Clarice 
(I love that girl so much)!

We'll be sitting in these seats watching Kate and Sara cook while we eat some yummy food and hopefully win some fun prizes!
We got an email from Our Best Bites yesterday that asked us to collect questions to ask while they cook. They want to get to know us and answer any questions.
Do you have any questions about any of their recipes or anything you want to know about them? 
I will ask anything you want to know.