Thursday, April 21, 2011

job & blog love

I absolutely love my job! My husband worked here before me so I have to give him the credit for getting me the job, seriously thanks sweetheart. I do many design things here at Silhouette but one of those things is creating shapes to be used with the Silhouette SD. A couple weeks ago I designed this shape.

A rhinestone mustache-so fun.
Well anyway, I'm sure most of you know Ashley over at Little Miss Momma.
Today she is featuring the Silhouette plus a discount you can get and a shirt she made with the rhinestone mustache. Check out the full post here.
It's so fun to design shapes and see them used!!
Now go get yourself a Silhouette-they are SO fun! 
I just finished a pretty cute project last night that will be featured next week, til then....
Happy Easter and Happy Earth Day!!


  1. Small world, Ashley is my friend from around here. Cute Design!

  2. You are SERIOUSLY so lucky to have such an awesome job. I love that design, and Ashley rocked it in blogland. Someday, I too will be a Silhouette owner (Insert dreamy music here).