Thursday, April 14, 2011

sew much to do

After selling at the Bijou Market this past weekend BYU Campus Craft contacted me to see if I could sell them some card wallets wholesale. They want 35 card wallets by April 25! Holy cow! Tomorrow I have a math exam (almost done with this horrible online class) and I'm sure you can guess what I will be doing ALL day Saturday. Yes I will be sewing! I'll be back once I get these all sewn...
oh goodness!
And a big thanks to my friend Jewls who let me sell at the market with her. She also will be making a ton of earrings for the BYU Campus Craft store.


  1. Go Dres, you sewing maniac!

  2. How exciting! I wish there had been cool things like this on campus when I was there (oh, and it's so sad to say that that was 10 years ago, and then some :) But no worries, I love where my life is now. But back to you---those are really cute. Good luck on your sewing and exams!

  3. that's so awesome Dresden! What a compliment to your skills; they're very cute. As are you you deary.

  4. Thats exciting! :) Congrats!

    They look great - love the fabric!

  5. Well, I own a Dresdencarrie wallet and jewls earrings. Love them both