Saturday, June 11, 2011

for charity

Very Jane is a deal site very similar to groopdealz. They always have the cutest earrings and accessories but this particular deal caught my eye. 100% of proceeds go to a special charity called Starfish. 

"Starfish Foster Home takes babies with special health needs out of the local orphanages in Xian, China and takes care of them until their adoption. These children have spina bifida, cleft lip/palate, heart problems, lung problems and physical deformities. They would not survive if it were not for Starfish. They come to Starfish malnourished and leave as the chubbiest baby you have ever seen. Starfish pays for their necessary surgeries and usually has around 50 babies at a time at their Foster Home. Starfish doesn’t get any funding from the Chinese government or from the local orphanages that get paid for each child. All of their funds come from donations. 100% of the proceeds are going to Starfish."

These adorable onesies are only $8 and all proceeds go to Starfish. 
Check out Very Jane today and help this wonderful charity.