Saturday, November 5, 2011

Friday Fav's...on Saturday

Yesterday I was a little busy and didn't have time to put up my Friday Fav's, so I'm doing it today!
Here are some things I'm loving lately...

anything with snowmen really, I showed my favorite one here

I've always liked any wall art using paper towel/toilet paper rolls, but this one caught my eye, each little flower has a pearl in the middle. The link above has a great tutorial on how to make one yourself.

I work at Silhouette and we've been excited for months now to release the limited edition advent calendar. We've had a lot of paper companies and bloggers make one and they have come up with the most gorgeous calendars. I can't stop thinking of how I'm going to do mine! 
Do you have one yet? Hurry and order one, they're limited edition!!
 Here are my 4 favorite.

Have a fabulous weekend everyone!