Monday, February 20, 2012

necklace/earring frame

I've been wanting a earring frame for quite awhile now, but most of the ones I'd seen wouldn't hold stud earrings. Then I thought, why not use a window screen for the main piece? That would accommodate any type of earring. So I looked and looked for a screen but couldn't find one for less than $20, not terrible, but definitely not worth it to me. I was driving down a street one day and noticed a store called ReStore-Habitat for Humanity. Basically they get donations of home supplies, such as windows, doors and cabinets and resell them to make money for Habitat for Humanity. I highly recommend this place for any home decor projects.
My cousin was in town and wanted to make a frame also so we went to ReStore. The screen ended up being $1...that's right...ONE DOLLAR! How could you pass that up?!
Then we went to Hobby Lobby to find frames, preferably ones without glass so we wouldn't have to get rid of the glass.

So here's what you need for this project:

window screen
hot glue

I ended up spending about $7.50 total for this project.

First find the frame you want and paint it

next cut a piece of screen material that will fit in the frame, mine was an 8x10 frame so that's the size I cut my screen. Then hot glue it in. We were going to staple it in but the hot glue is plenty strong to hold earrings up and was easier.

hot glue some knobs on, my cousin painted hers mustard yellow and they were adorable
the hot glue has proved to be plenty strong as well for the knobs

add some earrings & necklaces and hang it up

Have a great week!