Friday, March 2, 2012

InstaFriday 3/2

A little InstaFriday for y'all

 my lunch every day this week...yummm. I highly recommend bagel thins (only 110 calories)

 my husband and I have been playing a lot of MarioCart :)
I've never beat him

 my workplace...I was a little tired

 stripes & floral are a great combination

 I got a manicure a couple weeks ago with my best friend and now I've been all about painting my nails, red was the color of the week

 my super messy craft desk

Golden Spoon is my favorite

 I made a little drawstring bag for my lunches, I love how easy drawstring bags are

 obsessed with these right now!

I also made a grocery bag holder, much better then having them stuffed in the cupboard under the sink!

Have a great weekend!