Wednesday, August 15, 2012

re-useable snack bags

I saw something similar to these on a blog a few days ago and knew I could make them. 
These re-usable snack bags are great for dry snacks but also work for food like grapes. The fabric for these is super cheap. I bought 1/3 yard at Joann and it cost $.60. Pretty cheap huh?
One thing I love about these is that they don't use velcro, they are easy to wipe clean 
and super easy to make. Here's a little tutorial so you can make them on your own.

Items needed:
1/3 yard utility fabric (see picture below)
sewing necessities (machine, thread, etc.)

This is utility fabric, it's the same thing all the re-usable grocery bags are made out of. It's about $2.99 per yard, the only bummer with this is that stores tend to not have many options with prints/patterns.

Cut strips of fabric 12"x6", your fabric should already be 12" wide if you bought 1/3 yard.

 Zigzag stitch or serge the bottom side

 This picture is a little confusing, I folded the top half down 5 inches and turned it over so the pattern faced up on the front side. 
You can play around with it depending on which direction your pattern faces.

 Fold the other part over the front so they over lap an inch or 2 and pin closed.

 Zigzag stitch or serge down both sides
And you're done!
Very easy right? I went back and double stitched the sides just to re-enforce the stitching. If you serged it there is no need to double stitch.

If you aren't familiar with the baggies that fold over themselves like these, here are 2 pictures of what they look like folded open.

Fill it up and fold it closed again!