Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Glitter Felt Halloween Wreath

Hello again! I have a more exciting post to share with you today—this one is actually fun to do, unlike cleaning. I was at Joann the other day (which, by the way, I hate just saying Joann, I always call it Joann’s because it just sounds better) buying fabric and what not. When I took my ticket for the cutting counter, I noticed they were on number 3, and my number was 17…so I had some waiting to do. Which could be good or bad at Joann. Joann’s. Joann Fabrics? So I started walking around the aisles that were close by the cutting counter, and came across some glitter felt by-the-yard. I immediately knew I wanted to get some—not sure what I would use it for, but knew I would put it to use somehow. I grabbed some in white and black, but I have a feeling I’ll be going back before Saturday (because it’s 40% off till then!) to get some more colors.

Then, a few days ago, I saw this cute little wreath from the crafty Jen at Tatertots & Jello: 

I loved the scallop idea and remembered my glitter felt I had just bought, and couldn’t wait to get started!
If you happen to want to make an exact replica of this wreath, here is what you’ll need:

16 inch Styrofoam wreath (mine has the squared edges)
¼ yard each-black glitter & white glitter felt (but you might as well get the whole yard!)
3 sheets of orange felt
Black satin ribbon—1 ½ inch wide, about 24 inches long
Black twine, about 8 inches long
Printable scallop pattern from Tatertots & Jello LINK HERE 
Hot glue gun
Sewing pins

I first printed the scallop pattern on cardstock and cut all three of them out. Then get your pretty black glitter felt out 

and lay it out so you can pin the three scallops to it. I doubled up the felt to make the cutting process faster. 

 I started cutting the felt in one continuous strip because at first I was only going to use the black felt, but then decided I wanted orange and white too so I cut the strip so there were four scallops in each strip, just like the pattern. On my wreath I used 14 strips of each color, with 4 scallops in each strip. Repeat with the orange and white felt. (For the orange felt sheets, I stacked all three pieces together and cut the scallops across the width—from one long end to the other. The scallops were a little bigger than the sheet but it still worked.) Then start wrapping each piece of felt around the wreath, 

and glue them in the back.

Continue this pattern all the way around the wreath.
At this point I wasn’t sure what I wanted to add to it. Then I came across this picture: 

I liked the idea but wanted a cuter spider. I like Halloween, but not the gory, spooky, scary stuff—I like the cutesie, fun stuff. So I pulled up my handy Silhouette Studio and found a spider shape that I liked, and made it as big as the page. 

After cutting the spider out of paper I pinned it to the black felt 

and cut it out with the extra felt for the legs to attach to the wreath. 

Then I cut the eyes out of the white felt, and the little eyeballs from the black and glued them onto the spider. I placed the spider face up on my table and the wreath face up over it to get an idea of the placement of the spider. Then I took the wreath off and carefully added some hot glue to the ends of the legs and placed the wreath back on top to attach it. A view from the back 

and a view from the front

Next wrap your ribbon around the top of the wreath. I glued a little piece to the wreath itself so it would stay, then glued the ends together at the top. Then carefully glue the piece of twine to the back of the ribbon and the spider.

Then for the bow tie for the top of the ribbon, I cut 2 pieces of the white felt, one is 3”x9”, the other is 1”x4”. Fold each of the short ends of the 3x9 piece 2 inches to the back and glue down. 

Then pinch it in the middle and fold down the long ends to make it look like a bow.

I put little dabs of glue in between the folds to hold the shape. Then wrap the 1x4 piece around the middle and secure in the back with glue. 

Cut a small slit in the top of your ribbon, about 1 ½ inches from the top—this is where the wreath holder will go through. If you’re not using a wreath holder just skip this step! Glue the bow tie right underneath the slit. 

Then attach to your wreath holder and you’re done!