Thursday, October 4, 2012

you've been boo'ed

Are you familiar with "you've been boo'ed"? It's a fun tradition similar to "secret santa" but a little different. Basically you make some treats and secretly deliver them to 2 neighbors along with a sign that says "we've been boo'ed".  They put that sign on their door and do the same thing to 2 of their neighbors who haven't been "boo'ed". Pretty fun!

For craft night with my sisters in law we made some cute boxes with my Silhouette and filled them up with goodies. It was quite fun, I love craft nights :)

How cute are these Halloween papers? I had a hard time choosing at Archiver's.

You'll need this download to include in your gift boxes, this explains how the tradition works

Here are what the boxes look like, I used a Lori Whitlock box found here 

 filled with treats & goodies

It's fun to see how quickly this spreads throughout your neighborhood!