Thursday, November 8, 2012

scrappy stocking ornament tutorial with pattern

I saw a cute little scrappy ornament on Pinterest that was made of out fabric so I took the same concept and turned it into a paper ornament. You can cut all the pieces out by hand pretty quick and whip a bunch of these out in no time.

All you need is: 
cute paper
sewing machine (optional)
For the stocking shape base you'll want to use a thick cardstock, it will only be seen on the back but will make your ornament more stiff and last longer.

The scrappy pieces can be cut from any type of paper, patterned paper weight is the best.

Cut out the pattern and cut all your pieces out. 
Then using a distressing ink and sponge, distress your edges. This isn't required but does give the stocking a more finished look.

Glue each piece to one stocking base starting with the top piece so it all lines up well.

Here's what it will look like once it's all glued together.

This step is optional but as you can see in the stocking on the right I sewed along all the lines with my sewing machine.

Take the extra stocking base you cut and glue a piece of ribbon or twine down. I recommend a tacky glue that will hold really well. Then glue the scrappy piece on top of that.

Here's what it will look like all glued together. 
You can stop here or sew around the edge like I did in the image below.

Here they are all finished and cute! Left stocking is just glued together and right stocking is sewn together. The sewing around the edge helps keep the ribbon in place but the tacky glue also keeps it in there pretty good.

Please share a link in the comments if you make some, I'd love to see them! Or post them on Instagram and tag me @dresdencarrie.