Friday, December 14, 2012

writing in a journal

I've always understood the importance of writing in a journal but I've always struggled with it. It's been especially hard since I work on a computer and can type a million times faster than I can write. Whenever I sit down to write in a journal it goes something like "I've been meaning to write more..." or "wow it's been a long time..." then I proceed to skim over the last 6 months or 2 years!

So the other day my friend was talking about how she had these really cool experiences and she wrote them on her blog and I thought "gosh, I wish I had written down when this happened or that happened". And then it clicked...start a private blog and use it as a journal. Duh!

I started a new blog (that only I can see) on Wednesday and am 3 for 3 on writing each day! This is a huge accomplishment for me. I have found, in only 3 days of testing, that leaving the tab open for my blog on my browser reminds me it's there and to write a post. I found also that being able to type I write a lot more and go in to more detail where I used to just paraphrase.

Keeping a journal is so good for your mind. I don't think the most important part is leaving a personal history for your children, though that is important. I find that I remember so many more experiences when I write them down and I also recognize blessings in my life more often after writing them down and seeking them out. I am more aware of what goes on during my days and look for things to write about, it's actually quite fun!

So if you find it hard to write in a journal...start a new blog and type away!