Monday, April 8, 2013

heart door mat

I think it's pretty obvious that I have an obsession with hearts. I came across a door mat that I loved and while at Ikea one day I found the perfect rug to use for it. This rug was $4.99...can't beat that, plus it has a nice rubber backing on it that keeps in it place on our porch.

I cut a heart out of vinyl and centered it on the rug. 
You could easily use paper, the vinyl didn't even stick to the rug.

Using a sponge brush and paint work from the outside in, as long as you aren't pushing brush strokes outward the stencil will work great.

It was difficult to get a solid coat with this rug but it looks like it's supposed to be that way anyway. 
I let it dry over night and then put it out on our porch. I love it! 

A happy little mat for our front porch :)

Happy Monday!