Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Black Apple Dolls

I first became familiar with Black Apple Dolls almost 5 years ago when my sister in law made some for her daughter, Lola. Then I started noticing them all over around that time but forgot about them a little later. It wasn't til I found out I was pregnant with twin girls that I remembered them. I am putting a little shelf in the twins room and I wanted some kind of doll or stuffed animal to put on it. I remembered the Black Apple Dolls and decided to make a couple.

I think they first appeared on Martha Stewart, here the link for the pattern and instructions. Here is the website of the girl who created the doll. I had seen some really cute ones on Pinterest and knew I wanted to add a little extra detail to these.

Since they are twins, the only thing I changed was the direction of the hair. I was going to do opposite clothes but I ended up loving the floral for the top and the polka dots on the legs so much that I kept them both the same. I added a little lace to the front with some cute little heart buttons.

Since I have brown hair and my husband has blonde hair I went for a color of felt that was kinda in between. It's a pretty goldish color and I love it.

I decided to stitch their eyes in the "closed" position. I thought it would be less creepy than having a doll up on a shelf staring at you!

I saw some dolls on Pinterest that had little Mary Janes on, I kinda winged it but I think they turned out pretty cute! Who doesn't love red shoes?!

I've also been obsessed with felt bows the last little while so I made a couple for the dolls.

One more item checked off the list for the twins room...still a long way to go!